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Our esteemed Guest of Honour and former IoDZ Chairman, Mr Boyman Vincent Mancama, Fellow Councillors and former Councillors, IoDZ Honorary Life Members, IoDZ Fellows and Members, Senior Government Officials here present, distinguished delegates, ladies and gentlemen, good evening. I feel honoured and privileged to welcome you to this evening’s special event. Esteemed colleagues, today is no ordinary day, it is the birthday of Institute. I should add that it no ordinary birthday at that, by its 60th birthday. From its humble beginnings on the 12th March 1958, your Institute has endured the vicissitudes of history to this special day, where we are gathered to kick start its diamond jubilee celebrations.

As the lawyers would say (and we have some among us), it is common cause that the history of IoDZ precedes that of independent Zimbabwe. It straddles pre and post-independence periods. Like those among us who are aged 60 years and above, it experienced the political and economic vicissitudes of those dispensations. Like those of the mature age of 60 years and above, it is quite significant that it survived the challenges that history threw at it.
What does all this mean you may rightly ask? With respect to this special day, it means that today IoDZ has reached a significant milestone, a milestone worth celebrating. And as a special milestone, your Council felt that it should not be celebrated by means of a day’s activities, but that from today to the 30th November 2018, when the main celebration dinner will mark the end of our celebrations, we should enjoy and celebrate the many achievements that have characterized the life of IoDZ.

Our theme is '60 years of supporting director professional development and business growth.' And for those of you who are twitter savvy, we are using #iodz@60celebrating a milestone.

The activities lined up include the following:
•    This evening’s cocktail at which we are launching the Diamond Jubilee celebration programme of activities.
•    Corporate governance week whose dates have had to be changed and which shall be advised in due course.
•    IoDZ Chairman's special Cocktail with CEOs of Corporate members
•    Women-on-Boards High-tea on 27 April
•    Diamond Jubilee DOYA on 1 June
•    Diamond Jubilee breakfast on 27 September
•    Diamond Jubilee breakfast on 26 October
•    End of year Diamond Jubilee (main event) Dinner on 30 November.

A special project to mark the 60th anniversary is the IoDZ Library or more appropriately, the resource centre. I would like to use this opportunity to once again appeal for contributions towards this important project.

Esteemed Colleagues, allow me to take this opportunity to extend our invitation to you all to these celebration activities.


I would like to conclude by appealing to all directors to join the Institute, the only home of Directors.  As directors we have onerous responsibilities and in IoDZ we have a body responsible for nurturing our interests and supporting our development. All the programmes we offer seek to contribute towards success of directors and businesses and, indeed all other organizations.We are confident an IoDZ trained and developed Director will match the current and future market challenges. As the mantra goes, Better Directors, Better Boards and Better companies.

Esteemed colleagues, our programme of the evening has just started.

I thank you.


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